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In order to grow, organisations need to feel protected in their operations.


Insurance plays a critical role in providing this assurance and peace of mind. Yet so often, brokers find it hard to find perfect insurance from sector to sector.


We make the process simple and effective and take you on the journey with us. GSG work with leading, award winning insurers to build a solution that’s perfect for you. And did we mentioned that we only work with ethical and responsible partners?


Trust us. Having 20 years in the industry, we know how everything works.

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In the last decade the team has developed tailored insurance products for a broad range of sectors. Delivering a bespoke offering which truly fits the brief.


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Health & Care Sector

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Agriculture & Manufacturing

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Ready to become a Carbon Neutral Business?

We will help your business become carbon neutral, this will include a fully considered business plan catered to your needs. Whether you need a fitted solar panel array or simply a change to a sustainable provider for your gas and electric energy.


All of which can be achieved with no initial outlay from yourself and guaranteed savings.


Green Shield Group will do the hard work for you.

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