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Using clean energy and moving to carbon neutrality is a smart and cost-effective decisions for your business. Green Shield Group can assist in all aspects of your move to green energy and can provide various options to help lower your business’ carbon footprint in line with government initiatives.

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Working with Green Shield Group towards a sustainable future

Solar Energy

Giving your business the flexibility to manage your energy, solar installation will allow you to contribute towards a reduced global carbon footprint. You are in control of your energy, protecting yourself from price volatility, reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and ultimately control your energy stability.


Solar installations are one of the most popular sustainable solutions for business in the UK. With low visual impact installations, zero noise pollution and cost-saving benefits that can improve your energy bills by up to 40% per annum, we understand why leading businesses have chosen to adopt solar. Be a part of the positive sustainable change, and position your business as an environmentally responsible operation by choosing Green Shield Group to start your transition today.

Wind Energy

For businesses with acres of space, wind energy is a popular option within the UK. Reliant on its namesake, wind energy is a continually existing green energy source that your business can take advantage of day and night. As with all our sustainable solutions, not only do you do contribute towards a reduced global carbon footprint, but you also gain independence from the grid. You are in control of your energy, protecting yourself from price volatility, reducing your reliance on fossil fuels, and ultimately controlling your energy stability.


Wind farm installations have the benefit of returning investment costs slightly faster than solar, providing seamless clean energy for over 25 years. They are also easily installed without affecting people, livestock or production. Be a part of the positive sustainable change and position your business as an environmentally responsible operation by choosing Green Shield Group to start your transition today.

Energy Storage

Where applicable we advise that businesses take advantage of battery storage options when choosing a solar or wind solution. For businesses who want to take full control of their energy, a storage option is vital. This allows control over energy delivery, removes the reliance on the national grid and the costs that correspond with this, as well as storing surplus energy that is normally exported back to the grid. With comprehensive storage solutions, your business can become self-sufficient, even supplying direct power in the event of power cuts, thus ensuring your business remains fully operational.

Energy Supply

Don’t have space or capacity for a solar or wind installation, but still want to do your part in the effort to battle climate change? We want sustainable energy solutions to be the easy first choice. All our renewable options are not only cheaper than traditional brown counterparts but contribute to our global fight against climate change. It’s time to minimise your business’ environmental impact and position your operation as conscious and forward-thinking. We have a team in place to ensure the switch is as simple as possible, whilst endeavouring to achieve maximum cost-saving benefits.

Who are Green Shield Group?


With over 50 years directorship between our board and over 20 years experience in the renewable energy sector, we know what matters to business leaders of today and the challenges they face. We offer an end to end service working with you from initial assessment, through to funding and or finance options & project delivery.


We were founded to specialise in the private education sector. In the first 6 months of business we established a £30 million fund to subsidise and grow our sustainable energy education projects. The demand to support organisations lower their carbon emissions quickly transcended our initial plan. Our project pipeline now spans local government, housing associations, large scale agricultural business’s and many property developers across the UK.


The expectation and pressure on businesses across the UK to take accountability for their carbon footprint is rapidly taking pace with the government soon introducing green energy tariffs in order to hit their substantial 2050 commitments. Getting ahead on carbon initiatives will set your business apart from competition.

Why switch to sustainable energy with Green Shield Group?

No capital expenditure

With access to our fund, we can deliver incredible renewable proposals to your business at no direct cost.

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Guaranteed savings

All our current projects have allowed our clients to see savings between 15 and 40% on their energy bills.

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Be a part of a positive change, contribute as a business and work towards a sustainable future for our planet.

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Corporate power purchase agreements

Make the switch to low-cost, clean energy, without any capital expenditure, whilst having the system maintained for the full term.

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An on-going project partnership

No matter the project size or task, from planning to funding and installation. We take away an often-complicated process; streamline and simplify this on your behalf with your business at the heart.

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Ready to become a Carbon Neutral Business?

We will help your business become carbon neutral, this will include a fully considered business plan catered to your needs. Whether you need a fitted solar panel array or simply a change to a sustainable provider for your gas and electric energy.


All of which can be achieved with no initial outlay from yourself and guaranteed savings.


Green Shield Group will do the hard work for you.

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