The Green Shield approach

At Green Shield Group, our combined experience in both the commercial and renewable energy sectors, gives us a unique insight into the challenges that businesses face in regard to sustainable energy solutions. We are here to support all aspects of this process and enable you to lower your carbon emissions both quickly and cost-effectively. Getting a head-start on reducing your carbon footprint in line with Government initiatives, will set your apart from your competitors.

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Working with Green Shield Group towards a sustainable future

No capital expenditure

The biggest concern we face from any potential client is the concern about installation and up front costs. With access to our fund, we can deliver incredible renewable proposals to your business at no direct cost. Our fund is used to deliver the renewable solution and because  it is our capital at risk, we have an invested interest in ensuring the savings and operating performance promised are actually delivered.

Guaranteed savings

Whether switching to our supply or creating your own renewable development, our team can guarantee savings on energy bills. Our current client portfolio demonstrates savings between 15-40% on energy costs. This achieved through simple switches through to full solar farm installations.

Reduce your carbon footprint

It’s important that as business owners we set the standard for others to follow. Based on government initiatives businesses are expected to heavily contribute to change when moving towards a sustainable future. Making the choice to switch to renewable positions your business ahead of the pack, ensuring you can pre-emptively mitigate your carbon emissions, and contribute to the global net zero vision.

Corporate power purchase agreements

Instead of purchasing 100% of your electricity from a grid-connected supplier, you can generate your own clean energy. This will cut energy costs and greatly reduce your carbon emissions. We will carefully design and install the equipment with zero upfront cost to you. Additionally, we will monitor and maintain the system for the complete term of the agreement. You only pay for the electricity that your system produces each month and at the end of the term, the system will be gifted to you. This means that you will be able to benefit from the power generated at zero cost.

An ongoing project partnership

Our role in the partnership is to deliver energy based savings and solutions to you, ideally with our financing. There would be no logic for our team to promise something that isn’t viable for both of us. Ultimately we only make our money if the assets we supply perform and deliver with the benefits we promised. Therefore our team is actively involved in every stage, with your own project manager overseeing all aspects of the ongoing solution.

Who are Green Shield Group?


With over 50 years directorship between our board and over 20 years experience in the renewable energy sector, we know what matters to business leaders of today and the challenges they face. We offer an end to end service working with you from initial assessment, through to funding and or finance options & project delivery.


We were founded to specialise in the private education sector. In the first 6 months of business we established a £30 million fund to subsidise and grow our sustainable energy education projects. The demand to support organisations lower their carbon emissions quickly transcended our initial plan. Our project pipeline now spans local government, housing associations, large scale agricultural business’s and many property developers across the UK.


The expectation and pressure on businesses across the UK to take accountability for their carbon footprint is rapidly taking pace with the government soon introducing green energy tariffs in order to hit their substantial 2050 commitments. Getting ahead on carbon initiatives will set your business apart from competition.

Clean energy options we deliver

Solar Energy

Sitting rightfully in it’s place as most popular sustainable solution in the UK, thousands of leading business have switched to solar energy.

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Wind Energy

An incredibly efficient option for businesses, this renewable source will never run out, a continual green energy solution.

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Energy Storage

Capitalise on the energy savings you produce, as well as leverage a number of additional financial and environmental benefits.

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Transistion to a green energy supplier

Don’t have space or capacity for a solar or wind installation, but still want to do your part in the effort to battle climate change. No problem, we can arrange for your business to move to our clean energy tariffs saving money in the process!

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Ready to become a Carbon Neutral Business?

We will help your business become carbon neutral, this will include a fully considered business plan catered to your needs. Whether you need a fitted solar panel array or simply a change to a sustainable provider for your gas and electric energy.


All of which can be achieved with no initial outlay from yourself and guaranteed savings.


Green Shield Group will do the hard work for you.

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