Delivering effective,
efficient sustainable energy
solutions to businesses.

Find out more Transitioning to carbon neutrality whilst delivering energy
cost savings. Let's work together as part of the global
effort to plan and deliver a net zero future for your business.

Why Green Shield Group is the intelligent option when it comes to sustainable energy

No capital expenditure

With access to our fund, we can deliver incredible renewable proposals to your business at no direct cost.

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Guaranteed savings

All our current projects have allowed our clients to see savings between 15 and 40% on their energy bills.

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Reduce your carbon footprint

Be a part of a positive change, contribute as a business and work towards a sustainable future for our planet.

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Corporate PPA

Switch to low-cost, clean energy without any capital expenditure. We will also maintain your system for the full term.

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How we deliver your sustainable solution


Our team’s focus is to know your business as quickly as possible. Understanding the challenges you face so we can find and propose the perfect renewable solutions to fit efficiently with your organisation.


We’ll deliver a comprehensive strategic response highlighting how we can offset your corporate carbon footprint and make your energy solutions more effective. Our options will always deliver a cost reduction supporting the switch to sustainability.


Once we have your approval; our project management team will oversee the implementation of all elements of your sustainable energy project; working closely with your onsite teams to streamline installation. You’ll always have a dedicated account manager to call upon at any moment or your journey.

An on-going project partnership

No matter the project size or task, from planning to funding and installation. We take away an often-complicated process; streamline and simplify this on your behalf with your business at the heart.

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To energise our clients in the right way, supercharging their transition to carbon neutrality whilst delivering efficient energy cost savings. Everyday our GSG partnerships, people and performance contribute to global efforts to deliver a net zero environment via clean, renewable innovations.

Green Shield Group Mission Statement

Areas of focus for sustainable energy transition

Solar Energy

Sitting rightfully in it’s place as most popular sustainable solution in the UK, thousands of leading business have switched to solar energy to power their operations. Due to consistently rising global energy prices, solar has very quickly become the cheapest and most attractive form of energy in several countries.

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Wind Energy

Wind energy doesn’t produce any carbon emissions and is a great option in our journey towards global sustainable energy. An incredibly efficient option for businesses, this renewable source will never run out, it’s something that will continually exist as a green energy solution.

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Energy Storage

Working hand in hand with Solar and Wind energy solutions, battery storage options are often installed as part of an integrated system as a means to capitalise on the energy savings they produce, as well as leverage a number of additional financial and environmental benefits.

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Ready to become a Carbon Neutral Business?

We will help your business become carbon neutral, this will include a fully considered business plan catered to your needs. Whether you need a fitted solar panel array or simply a change to a sustainable provider for your gas and electric energy.


All of which can be achieved with no initial outlay from yourself and guaranteed savings.


Green Shield Group will do the hard work for you.

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